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  • Why Höfling?

    Their partners’ expertise represents more than 20 years of experience on the penal scope.

    Services are provided individually and specifically for each case, always aiming to fulfill our clients’ only wish: the pursuit of their rights!

    The success of Höfling Law Firm is ruled by the recognition of its clients and the results achieved on their behalf, especially in cases with significant national repercussion and their consequences abroad.
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    Our Team

    Areas of Operation

    CRIMINAL LAW and White Collar Crime

    • Defense;

    • Assistance to victims;

    • Negotiated Justice for individuals and legal entities (collaboration
    agreements, leniency, plea-bargain, among others);

    • Legal advice and consultations in Brazil and abroad;

    • Representation in auditing, control and regulatory agencies as well as
    Auditors’ Court regarding administrative and electoral impropriety as a
    result of criminal matters.


    The term compliance derives from the English “to comply”, which, in free translation, means “to obey, to consent”, referring to the indispensable conformity of the rules and norms related to the legal context in which the company is embedded.

    In this regard, the team at Höfling Law Firm works since the RISK MAPPING of the business until the elaboration of the applied rules with a CODE OF CONDUCT and also the TRAINING of personnel, in order to emanate this ethical culture to all members of the company.

    Compliance is currently the basis of any business that intends to perpetuate itself in the market and mitigate risks in all spheres, especially the criminal one.

    In addition, the office carries out INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS and assists the governing body with the demand in CRISIS MANAGEMENT and CONSEQUENCE POLICY.

    Valuing Women

    Within the compliance work, the office offers risk management related to working women, in the following manners:

    Development of Policies and Codes of Conduct against harassment and discrimination, including implementation and training for the general public to ensure effective conformity with compliance policies, mitigating criminal liability and talent turnover;

    Training leaders to recognize and prevent instances of discrimination and sexual or moral harassment in their teams;

     Elaboration of defense for women, victims of crimes of domestic violence in their domestic environment.




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